Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Refuse to wear diaper...Help!

My 小不点 still refuse to wear diaper during bedtime, at first I thought after few days she will be fine with it, but now nearly 1 week after I posted it in my previous post, she still making fuss when I try to put on diaper. The most I can do now is only can wear on her long pant, the diaper no way I can force her to wear. You must be thinking whether she wear diaper or not at night? Of course yes, else she will wet her bed then. ...hehe...poor mummy wait till she fall asleep only put on for her, probally after 15min she asleep. First few days, she will toss here and there when I try to wear for her, but she did not fuss, perhaps she is too tired. Last night I did the same too...but this little fella making fuss with her eyes close!!!! She keep saying : 不要!不要!(Dun want! Dun want!) She turn to other side, sleep on tummy and buttock face to me, use her hands cover her buttock some more! *sigh* I should take a photo of this next time. No choice, I walk out from the room, let her sleep with nake buttock...of course I cover her with her little blanket, else she might get cold then! Nearly 12 midnight only I return to room, lucky she not pee yet! Guess she must be sound asleep liao, so slowly move her leg and put on diaper for her; mana tahu she still making fuss with her eyes close!! Wow, I cannot let her sleep without diaper wan, so I get hubby to hold her hands, dun let her turn here and there, then me quickly put on the diaper! She cry like no tomorrow....after everything settle, I cuddle and kiss her, soothe her and pat her sleep again..hehehe, within 2 minutes she sleep again...haih, 小不点,乖乖穿不是没事啰!


Jason said...

Maybe the diaper not comfortable to her gua.

AsleyLee said...

My son too, i have to put the diaper again when he fall asleep

Lazymama said...

huh? refuse to wear diaper? My Yee Ching never did that woh! Sorry can't help much!

shoppingmum said...

Is it time to quit diapers leh? My godson doesn't want to wear too at about 3 years old. But have to force because accidents do happen sometimes.

jazzmint said...

haiyaa..she big girl already mahh...maybe she's self training!!! Must try n see one night to find out how long she can tahan :)

Egghead said...

some things are still better left till she's asleep... she just wanna grow up faster mah :P

mumsgather said...

Maybe try to get a different brand or those pull up pants type with cartoons to encourage her?

kwloong said...

Maybe it is time to potty train her. Pee before bedtime.

Jesslyn said...

oh, u seem like understand kids wor..maybe I should change brang liao!

Hi, long time no 'see' u ler, how's life? must be very enjoy lor!
Your son so big now, still refuse to wear ha? ...poor us!

YC good girl lor, u very lucky ler!

quit? not so early gua, she still pee ler when chk her the next day!
my 4 year old girl still wear diaper ler!

I dun want to try la, sure wet the bed wan la..some more scarify my wee hours!

I think she purposely wanna bully mee mee lar!

yeah, think to try those pull up pants too but quite costly ler! me stingy mummy la..

we did ask her pee before each bedtime. If want to train now meaning that I hv to wake up chk her constantly ler...argggghhh!! I wanna sleep too!

Tracy said...

Maybe after she falls asleep, then put the diaper on for her (provided u don't do doze off first, heehee).

Luckily Destinee didn't wear diapers when she was 2 years 2 mths. old, even at nite. She has a 'signal' when she wants to pee i.e. she will toss and turn and sometimes still with her eyes close, she'll wake me up and tells me she wants to pee. Ya lor, u've to check on her constantly if u want her to be completely off the diapers. Can save a lot mar.

Allyfeel said...

I think may be the diaper very hot ler. She feels uncomfortable wearing them. Get the pants diaper, just slip in like pants hehe...and bluff her this is pant. :PpP

mom2ashley said...

maybe she it's time for her to stop wearing dipaers??

Msau said... fast on wan to wear diaper liao? y ler?? see jiejie didn't wear meimei oso don wan ahh?? haha..hope she get really not to piss on nite tat can save alots on diaper liao..:p

Zara's Mama said...

She really want to stop wearing diaper liao ler..

Very soon, totally no need diaper liao.

Clever Lyon.

shiaulin said...

must be uncomfortable and feel hot when wearing diaper. Lucky me here in China got a bed sheet called 防尿褥, where one side made of rubber and one side made of cotton, sleep on it still comfortable and cooling and yet prevent from wet the bed if pee in the sleep. try to search and see can get it there anot.

blurblur said...

I think she's ready to go diaperless liao...

Maybe she sees that the jiejie never wear (diaper), that's why she don't want to wear also are fast learner :)

Jesslyn said...

dun think i will doze off first la, as I worry she wet the bed la!

yeah, wearing diaper not comfortable at all, just like we wear pad during period lor! That's why during day time she never wear it, only cloth diaper!

i dun think so lar!

hey, her jie jie still wear ler! if really quit diaper, then I save some $$ lor...

will it be too early to quit diaper now?

so far never see that kind of bed in malaysia yet, maybe got, i dunno.
but still will wet her pant, right?

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