Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Great Wall in My House too!

Few days ago, I just blog on Lyon like to write on her legs and body. Some of you commented better dun let them wrote on "forbidden" area. Well, some how it's too difficult to control, they just act too fast! Just like Twinsmom said: It's just 5 minutes only! then her sofa left with some "artist" signatures! Wien is much better than Lyon. At least she never write on wall or on her body when she is at Lyon age now. She only wrote on paper. But few months ago, she marked her signture on my bedroom's wall!!! One day she came and with us. But she couldn't fall asleep, keep mumbling and turning here and there. After some time, hubby heard strange sound, turn to her, only noticed she was doing the drawing on the wall!! When she is small, she never did it, now only start it. I hope this is the first time, also the last time.

This is Wien's artwork!

Lyon like to draw at one place, also on wall. The place was between sofa and cupboard, there is a gap between this 2 objects, just sufficient for this 小不点 to squeeze in and do her artwork there. I try to take photo but the lines not clear, unless I move away the sofa, then only can get clearer piture! Cannot blame, my lousy skill...

Now Lyon seldom draw there, after few times we warned her, she seem understand. So she go for her legs & hands!

My wall of course is forbidden area for them to write something, but not restrict them to paste anything on it. But only the wall in second hall. Some of you might noticed (in my previous blog)my wall was pasted with some kids reading or cartons, etc.....

The trend was started by my SIL#3, she like to paste her artwork there, just for Wien to see and read. She will teach Wien do the reading most of the time. Well, since she is married now, so the responsiblity had passed to papa. Mummy is lazy bum. Papa will get her to read it loud most of the time. When some paper become torn out, that also mean she had savvy with those reading too! So it's time to change to new thing.

The wall of course look not nice for some of our visitors, but who cares? As long as my girls can learn something from it! Lyon even more cute, she always "picks" apple or orange from the wall, and offer it to us to eat! lol...We plan to do the repainting once the girls enter school in 2-3 year time!

Papa taught her sing 快乐天堂 also via pasting the lyric on the wall, then teach her sentense by sentense. She learn the multiplication table (乘法表) from the wall too, so far can recite 2 but have difficulty for 3. We already happy with her result so far, no force her, just let her do it when she got the mood. Yes, when she no mood, 睬你都傻!


Egghead said...

this is a different type of "wall of fame" huh? like those in the primary schools :P

angelineweess said...

Wa,ur daughters so clever one.. my sister 9 years old then know her 2 time table..!!! blame it on the system here lor..the Ang Mo too relax liaw.. ;)

Zara's Mama said...

Your house like kindergarten ler.. :P

Eh.. why you call them Wien and Lyon?? Their Chinese name also not related.. esp Lyon's one.

Tracy said...

Wah, the wall looks like the wall in Destinee's room. Posters everywhere. But I paste the posters on one side of the wall only so as not to spoil the image of the room too much.

How come Lyon's name sounds like a boy's name leh? (sorry for being kpc)

shiaulin said...

reminds me of my childhood, i drew the walls along the staircase from upstair until ground floor... of coz after that, I am the one who have to erase it (i drew with pencil, clever me :P).

jazzmint said...

hehe..yah ur wall reminds me of those in kindy :). But it's really useful and good lah, I wouldn't sacrifice my wall like that. Maybe in their own room later can lah.

I once saw a very good idea in my friend's house, to avoid her son drawing on the wall, she pasted mahjong paper all over so that if he draws, only on the paper haha...brilliant rite :). bot bad oso, this means encourage him to draw at the wrong place

hehe..i think ur next post is explain why their name lyon n wien :P. very tempted to answer them haha

AsleyLee said...

When i was young, my mother painted a board in black colour for us and bought us a box of chalks, from that time onwards, we seldom drew on the wall and sofa. Of course the board was quite big enough for 3 of us.

mumsgather said...

Hey! Nice wall you got there! :)

shoppingmum said...

I like your wall, it's really good in teaching children this way as they "walk" pass the wall most of the time, and have "repeatition". I plan to have one too in my study room, but have to wait until I pop first only I'll rearranging the things to have an empty wall.

Jesslyn said...


Hi, welcome welcome!
wow, 9 years old will be a bit late hor!

SIL#3 is a teacher, so she treat Wien is her student lor.

Curious about their name? hehe..wait till I blog it ya!

Both the girls name sound boyish too! Blog it one day ya..stay tune!
btw, i ever explain in BBS ler! When I first join BBS, other members keep asking me lor!

how come kena caught by the teacher? so careless

ya, not many will sacrifice their wall.
My oversea friend even reserve one room for their kids to do what they like, including draw on wall. Too bad, we dun hv extra room, else can do the same too!

your mum so thoughtful hor!

Thank you...wanna do the same ?

Glad u hv same thought with us! It's really work for my girls, hope for your kids too!
yes, the repeatation does work well!

blurblur said...'ve got a nice wall! ;)

good stimulation for the kids, i'm sure they absorb fater this way!

Jesslyn said...

another effective way to teach them too!

Allyfeel said...

It's quite effecient hor, they learn fast by pasting reading material on the wall.

Can "bei cheng fa bioa" already? Terro.