Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lying again!?

As usual, I do ironing on Sunday night. Leave the girls to papa in living room. I still can hear their conversation from the room. Wien: 爸爸,抱小妹放在椅子上面。 (papa, put xiao mei on the chair.) Papa: 为什麽要放在椅子上面? (why on the chair?) Wien : 公公时常都这样啊。有时公公还放开他的手咧! (Gong gong always did that ah, sometimes he let go his hand ler!) Papa : 是么?明天我问公公! (issit? tomorrow I ask gong gong ha!)...FIL already sleep... Wien : 真的,公公没有扶小妹, 他放开手啦!(yes, gong gong no hold xiao mei's hand...very confident when she say this! ) Papa : 酱我明天早上问公公, 好不好?(ok, I will ask gong gong tomorrow morning) Wien : 好啊,你去问公公啰。(ok, you ask him lor!) ......After a while, she talk to papa again... Wien : 爸爸,不要问公公啦!(papa, dun ask gong gong la!) Papa : 为什麽不要?(why?) Wien : 公公有扶小妹的手啦。(gong gong did hold xiao mei's hands la!) In fact papa knew she is lying but just keep queit, just wait and see her respond. Wien understand her papa too, she knew papa going to clarify with gong gong sooner or later, so she better tell the truth before papa pecah her lobang! Papa told her that she lying again, if mummy hear it sure mummy very angry with her one. She just keep queit. In the room, I feel angry with her as she lying again, but did not scold her, as I know papa will handle it. After a while, she come to the room, maybe cannot tahan papa keep lecturing her. Later she play with the sewing machine, try sew by moving the paddle, I stop her as the needle might hurt her since her hand keep adjusting the stopper. She still doing it; I shout at her : 不要玩了,等下针刺到手!(Dun play, later hurt by the needle!). Guess what's her respond? She burst into tears.....cry cry non stop......I just let her cry since she never listen to me. I told her mummy very angry with her, cannot tolerate her sturboness anymore. She cry cry cry and keep calling mummy mummy.....sound kesian in my heart but I need to give her lesson this time. I told her if she still behave like that I am going to pack her thing and pass to 慈济之家, at the same time I walk to her toy's place, pretend packing those toys. She cry even louder, keep saying : 不要!不要!(Dun pack my things)..no one come rescue her as they know she very scare mummy getting angry wan, if mummy angry mean she is really angry with her liao! She cry nearly 15 minutes, keep tagging with me, hoping I sayang her. But I dun. I warn her better stop crying now, else will pack her thing again....slowly she stop. I hardly scold her, only scold her if I really cannot stand her attitude. That's why she not scare me sometimes as I am the good guy in the house. After that she quite behave , at least call her do thing she will do, not like last time keep draging & delaying. MIL also noticed got some changes from her after I lesson her. Hope she continue to be a good girl, else I really have to use rotan.....


Egghead said...

forgive Wien lah... kids are like that :P

Jason said...

She really likes to lie hor.

Zara's Mama said...

What's her motivation to lie leh? Because like doesn't benefit her also. Or is she jealous you guys are giving Lyon lots of attention?

Good la.. you teach her a lesson (very mildly), so that she knows mummy cannot mess about one. :P

Potential Mom said...

wien faster say sorry to mummy...!! promise mummy not did it again..!!

good gal wien.... if u good gal, cannot lie to mummy...!! mummy gonna throw u if u lie again..

jiejie yang-yang..

mom2ashley said...

awwww....it;s good that you teach her la...

kwloong said...

Yeah I think she is seeking for attention. Sometimes Tim also like that. Purposely be naughty.


Blogie-Talkie said...


1+2mom said...

Good lor she can learn from the lesson. For my son if my MIL not at home he dun dare to test my temper but she at home my son will be king. I didnt beat him infront of my MIL so he dun scare, anything i didnt give him to play he sure will run to my MIL.
But my hubby at home, hehe..he will be a good boy cause 1+2dad will beat him even my MIL there.

1+2mom said...

Yea forgot 1 thing about lie, you try this method if work. Last time my son try to lie me that he didnt beat his sister, i told him if he didnt tell me the true i'll bring him to dentist to plug out his teeth. It work!!No more lie to me.

jazzmint said...

wow..mommy really show colours liao huh!! It's good, at least she realised that she's wrong

Tracy said...

I think our kids (urs, Michelle's and mine) are going thru the different phases of growing up. They are now going thru the phase of a 4-year old kid.

Ya, I suppose Michelle had her point dat our kids sometimes will do something naughty on purpose in order to attract our attention (or maybe they feel 'gatal' and want us to beat them, heehee).

Luckily, Destinee doesn't really lie now cos when she was small, I've always taught her dat lying is no good and monkey will come and slap her if she lies (yes, she's very scared of monkeys, I don't know why). If I know dat she is lying, I'll look at her, ask her a 2nd time. She knows dat I don't like and she'll confess.

Wah, u got to show Wien ur colours only she was scared. It's good dat she's scared of u and she behaves, so no need to use the rotan for the time being lar.

blurblur said...

Uh oh..mummy really angry liao..

I read somewhere that sometimes kids tell lies just to gain attention. We as parent should let them know the consequences of lying.

it's good that at least Wien behaves after your outburst..hee..but must sayang her also lah..think she's jealous of her mei mei?

Jesslyn said...

yeah, but sometimes need to give her a lesson lar.

ya lor, sometimes we adult will lie too, maybe she learn from us gua..

for sure our love & attention are equally same among 2 of them. maybe she jeolous we always ask her to 让妹妹!

yup, I told her if she lie again, I am going to threw her too! hahaha..

these few days, she quite behave ler, lets see how long she can be a good girl!

kids at this age are like that gua. Many said terrible 2 but for me when she is 2, she very kuai ler.

对,以前的我们好像也是这样长大的! 但有时真的是无法可忍!

1+2 mom:
lucky my MIL not over spoil them, but she will scold them if they misbehave.
abt the plug out her teeth wan, no help ler, try before when she bite Lyon last time.

yes, must show her my real face...now if she trying to be naughty, papa will say: dun do ha, later mummy angry again!..hehe...she scare ler!

i still will use rotan if she make me angry again!

I think she jeolous gua!
yup, I sayang her after she say sorry to me!

Allyfeel said...

Reading your post actually scares me. I dunno what I wld do if BB start lying. Gosh!! Being parents is tough.