Friday, April 14, 2006

Fear Factor

Last night I watched Fear Factor again. This is my 3rd time watching this program. Very action and heart attack type of program, also very scary for me. I dunno how to describe it, for those who ever watched it might know! Some series I dun think I can take it, too disgusting for me! They even ask the participant eat the worms. Life worm man, yikes…I almost vomited when I watch them chew (the host said must chew, cannot telan straight) and eat it!! The worms so fat, big & juicy!! Oh my goodness, this American people really can do it for the sake of USD50K!! For the past 2 series, I did not manage to watch till the end. Hubby keep asking me go to bed, as he claimed it’s time bed. I refuse, as the show getting very interesting though, but when come to eating worm part, I give up. Turn off TV and go to bed! Me chicken too! But last night I finish watching till ending, despite my hubby keep chasing me go to bed! So, I chase him to sleep first...kekeke...he seem like scare to sleep alone...Last night series no disgusting part, all action one, so I able to watch till the end! Next Thursday, 11.15pm I will watch again! Dear, dun kacau me then!


Zara's Mama said...

I so long never watch TV already.. :(

Zara sleeping later and later.. by the time she's asleep.. 11pm liao. :(

You ah.. want to be scared then want to watch pulak.

Lazymama said...

I seldom watch T.V too nowadays! But I remember watching Fear FActor during the 1st trimester of my pregnancy, I just can't stopped myself from vommiting!

mIcHe said...

"Hubby keep asking me go to bed, as he claimed it’s time bed"
like talking to the children only...hehe
or...he want something else :P

jazzmint said...

hehe...ur hubby like mine ler, when he wants to sleep, he will drag me along. but when i wanna sleep, no way i can drag him along.

i like fear factor also, but long time never watch!!

1+2mom said...

I will just say : eeeee..aik.., but not scare to watch ppl eat. If really infront of me, maybe will go vomit.

Kampungkai said...

50K leh, that's alot! worth eating the worms wat. hahaha!

most prob as u said, your hubby is scared to sleep alone, cos he's scared of the worms, he needs protection from the almighty u! :P somehow creatures without legs gives us creeps!

shiaulin said...

eh, hubby ask u to go to bed lah... then go to bed (上床) lah...

hehehe... :P

Tracy said...

Woooo, love to watch the show, with the eating of the worms, putting their heads into the slimy water and using their mouth to get something out, lying inside a glass box to unlock the locks and creatures poured on them ... woooo eeeee .... sometimes it's very geli. Seldom watch the show now as Destinee will want me to accompany her to sleep around dat time ... haiya ...

Jesslyn said...

Try shift to one nap in a day, so she will sleep around 10pm or even earlier? Lyon on 1 nap now (longer one).


Me seldom watch too! But only recently got chance to know this interesting show!

sometimes he really treat me like kid la...hehehe

*Hi Five*! Both are fun dad to the kids too! lol
You pregnant now, better dun watch!

That's what hubby said lor: want to watch, scare pulak...go go go , sleep now!

Guy participants still can eat willingly, not for gal. One gal even almost give up when come to her turn, the host keep pursuading her to continue the contest.

eeee, u seem like quite understand my hubby hor! :P


yaya, exactly as what u said! Very geli man!

kwloong said...

After you watch a few times, not so fun anymore. I used to stay up for it but now, I prefer to sleep. :P


domesticgoddess said...

LOL at shiaulin's comment.
Jesslyn, 别害羞啦... *kihkihkih*

Allyfeel said...

I used to watch every series when bb wasn't out yet. hardly even have time to watch as the channel is tune to ESPN or other soccer channel...sometimes I have to beg to tune to channel 30.

Jesslyn said...

ya, now still fell fresh & interesting for me lor!

No 害羞啦!

our house no Astro ler, I watched NTV7!

khongfamily said...

Haha..I used to watch every series of the show but I never watch it now. You will get 'sian' watching it soon...