Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Malaysia Sakura!?

Some places are spring season now(of course not Malaysia!), many abroad bloggers had posted their beautiful blooming flowers in their blog. Me too want to share my place's beautiful flower but I dunno the name. The different is still can see many leaves on the trees! The trees just located outside my factory. In fact only this year I noticed their existence, though I have been working here for more than 2 years! The blooming period also very short, in a few days the flower start scattered away. Anyone of you ever see this flower before?


Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. looks nice also woh.

But after this.. Dewan Bandaraya has lots of sweeping to do.. :|

Blogie-Talkie said...

Yeh, i remeber this flower trees back homeI can't remeber now, i did an ad with this flower last year... what was it???

Ya Plumeria.
A lot in Hawaii too.

Joey said...

lovely trees n flowers... where is tat place huh?

1+2mom said...

I saw this flower trees too but dunno what name :P It very nice, but got 1 at home sure very tired to sweep the floor.

jazzmint said...

wahh...very nice hoh, really like spring lehh..I like the pink one.

Really wish KL got spring, I'm sure it'll be a beautiful sight, imagine all the tulips!! Wohooo

mom2ashley said...

they look very very pretty indeed. I think i've seen them around as well...

Twinsmom said...

yah, I saw a lot in JB, so beautiful :D.

Tracy said...

Haven't seen them before. Thought the pics were taken from somewhere. Didn't know M'sia has such beautiful trees too.

Wah, the environment around ur factory must be very nice. I thought u are working in an industrial area leh (where u can see smoke coming out of the 'chimneys').

Allyfeel said...

Nice flower wor. I like trees that bloom like this but my hubby dislike them, he said drop lots of leaves and have to sweep very frequently. *sigh*

kwloong said...

Wow, melaka got autumn ah?? :lol:


Jesslyn said...

Bandaraya plant it, so Bandaraya sweep it lor :P

Hawaii got? Oh i din know that, tks for telling me!

hi, welcome to my blog!
I work in Melaka!

you plant outside your house lor!

I like the white one!
Hoping Malaysia got spring? u & me day dream lor...hehehe

ya, those trees are along the road, just that we never notice only.

Jb also got ha, so must be its' season lor!

wah, if i wear coat and stand under the tree, sure u think i Jepun mali! LOL!
I work in industrial area, very queit place too!

ya, my hubby dislike this kind of plant too! Need to chap 手尾!

ya ya, invite u to come, then we hv a cup of tea under the tree! :P

shiaulin said...

since when Malaysia also got four seasons liao huh? haha.. spring loh... flower blooming everywhere over here too!! nice hor those flowers, i love flower!

Jesslyn said...


sqkiki said...
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