Friday, February 16, 2007


Yahoooooooo.....finally I finished sewing dresses for my girls, I think they get enough cloth and dresses this year. 4 for each! They can perform fashion show this year, as some dresses I make it pretty kembang, they can fly and turn turn turn...LOL!

Also I sew on little flowers onto dresses that I ordered from; cute flower match with pretty dresses, what a match! :P Thanks to Michelle for bringing back just in time for me! Also big thanks to Vien for her kindness (allow me using her address as postage address). Not forget to say thanks for your cute Hello Kitty bag! My 2 girls love it!

Thank guys!


Vien said...

Glad the kids like the bags. :) Didn't know you had resurrected your blogger.

michelle said...

Hey post some pictures of the pretty dresses lah. I want to see. :P