Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Start Work?

Last night conversation with hubby :

He : you not yet start work ah?

Me : me? start already ah?

He : I mean your sewing la, I thought you still have some pending dresses not yet sew?

Me : oh, those dresses ah....ya ya...

He : so when you going to sew?

Me : Me still on leave la, need more off day!

He : I already start work and making money (from share market of course), you still shaking leg ah?

Me : wei, me not that poor la! You cannot see me senang ah?

He : I know your style, once you slow down...you tend to become lazy wan.

Me : kakaka....you really understand me la, dear! ok la, give me another 2 days off!

FYI, hubby is my consultant and adviser for my business now, so I have to follow his words. :P


Sasha said...

aaaaaa sew clothes also gotr consultant ah? hahah

mIcHe said...

hahahaha...u so cute lar :D