Monday, February 05, 2007

Stay or not stay?

Before having kids, I used to over night at my mum's place during CNY.

With Wien alone, I still able to sleep over for one or nights. She quite easy to handle when she is newborn actually.

But after Lyon born, Wien and myself never been sleep over there anymore. Mainly due to Lyon SCARE of stranger!!!! When Wien is small, she also scare of stranger but if me within her eyesight, she still ok. But not for Lyon, she'll cry cry cry when she saw them, this including my dear mum too! We back to Melaka quite often too but she still cries whenever we are there. *sigh* This girl of mine really like a koala bear, I tell you.

This year, she is 2+ already, less crying at my mum place. But during festive season, I am sure many of my relatives will come and visit us, ah ha...this cannot guarantee she will not cry wor! Headache for me ler....I wish to over night, to catch up more with my dear sisters and brother, also Wien would love to stay back too, cos there got so many kids around, she love to play with them!

For past 2 years, we drive to and flow in 1st and 2nd day of CNY. Distance is 45min drive from my place to my mum's, consider not so far. Well this year, I just wish I can sleep over!

Dear Lyon, please corporate with mummy ya!