Friday, February 09, 2007

Disneyland, here we come!

My last vacation was Hong Kong and China trip, that was in year 2005. It has been 1 year plus that we didn't go anywhere, partly due to Lyon still small. During the trip, we managed to enter Hong Kong Disneyland! That's a wonderful trip for Wien. Too bad, we didn't bring along Lyon. Anyway, we are planning one vacation for this year; of course we'll tag along Lyon this time.

Lyon been asking many times when we can bring her to Disneyland, after she saw those pictures taken in Disneyland HK. She told us she wants to take picture with Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc...hehehe...poor girl. Mummy promised you, one day mummy surely will bring you to Disneyland! But have to be good girl first ya!

We had been Disneyland Paris in year 2003 and Disneyland HK in year 2005. Next, which Disneyland to go? Got to find more information now, looks like did offer good packages for Disney world packages in Orlando.

By booking their package, we no need to worry on hotel accommodations as well as the entrance ticket to Disneyland. will settle all these for us, because they have participating hotels that can assist in getting cheaper ticket prices. If you couldn't find any packages that suit you, you can even customised your own packages, call their friendly reservationists at 1-800-641-4008 now to find more information.