Friday, February 09, 2007

Yi Lai? 二奶?

yesterday hubby told me he wants to keep 2 Yi Lai.

My respond: WTH?? What Yi Lai are you talking? He said: Yi Lai can make money for me lar. Dun worry lar...blablabla..

What dun worry, in my mind, I already started feeling uneasy. I am sure you know what Yi Lai (二奶)in my mind. And of course I also start shooting him with many many questions! But he kept me in suspense, just mentioned this 2 Yi Lai going to give him money very soon! can I just keep quiet wor if he keeps mentioning Yi Lai, Yi Lai in front of me! **##**@@@

This topic was talked during our dinner time, when he still keep me suspend, I just keep quiet....he know I mistaken Yi Lai to another term of Yi Lai (BMW=Black Market Women). At last he told me the truth..hahaha....Yi Lai was one his counter bought in share market yesterday. He foresee it will up anytime, so he managed to grab 2 counter lor....aiyo, this company's name really same pronunciation with Yi lai (二奶)ler....tsk tsk tsk!

Hey, this is a tip to those share market gambler, go grab it now, cos usually hubby's favourite counter will up after he had done the analysis!