Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Promoto Your Web today!

All of us know, in order to attract more people to visit our blog or website, we need to publicize it. In simple words is we need to make our blog or website more popular. So what's the best way to achieve it? My bloggers mummies told me, I have to "ask" many of them to link me. How to ask if this involved so many of them.

Glad there are few sites that can increase our link popularity, by just submit our link to some search engines, then explore the options available to increase link popularity. Search engines such as Google, drives the most traffic to websites that rank at the top of their organic results. We just need to understand more on Google’s algorithm by concentrate on Google when optimizing our website and building link popularity with it.

Page Rank is just a roughly score that Google gives to our website to determine how popular it is on the internet. Also Page Rank doesn’t carry the weight it once did in Google’s algorithm. Still submitting our web to search engine is the simplest and fastest way!

Blogitive was created for this purpose too. Currently it has more than 2000 Blogs within its network and is growing substantially every day. Through Blogitive we can submit a web release (mini press release) to these Bloggers and they will write about our release and link to our website in any manner we want, including any URL and any keyword phrase. Blogitive has proven to be extremely effective in increasing link popularity and is also very cost effective.

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