Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Final Decision!

Ok, finally I make up my mind for my CNY planning. I want to stay overnight at my mom's house this year!

Hubby agreed but with conditions: get ready 纹网 (mosquito net), either sew or buy. Main of his concern is my mom's house has mosquito and those clever mosquitos clever too. They only choose stranger to suck blood or small kids cos their skin and blood sweeter mah! Also he reminds me DONT forget to bring back mosquitor repellent too! Aiyo, so many thing to remember, what if I forget?

Hehehe...he said if I forgot, then on same day he will drive all of us back to Tangkak to sleep, then next day go again....tsk..tsk...tsk...he so kua chong hor!

But yesterday Egghead told me he might come to Tangkak during CNY, and then I have to reschedule my planning again. I hope to meet them too, especially the little hero, LLS! :)


Egghead said...

whoa! have to re-schedule some more ah? no need so kua cheong gua :P