Monday, February 26, 2007

5 reasons why I blog

Kena tag again? By Miche again? OK, I will do it since now I m scracthing my head to slot in one non-paid post! hahaha...

My first blog was on blogspot : Jess2princess. At first I dunno what is blog, but after some searching and influences by online mummies, I get to know it slowly. Also me not an IT person, I have to ask for helper when i first writing my blog. Lucky I have so many helpers online, most of the time I will ping Michelle, Jazz or Jason when I have problem in blogspot. These people very helpful and friendly!

Ok, here are my 5 reasons:

1. They blog, I blog...( always the follower)

2. A place to record my girls activity and growth.

3. A place to pen down my 酸,甜,苦,辣(sour, sweet, bitter, spicy's life)

4. I can jot down my homemade recepi too, plus my homemade dresses!

5. Now, I am using my blogspot to make money from paid post! :P

Now, I am going to pass this tag to : msau, My Yakkity Yak and Xilly.