Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Up!

Hey, Hubby's Yi Lai up already! Start making money now. If you follow his tips, perhaps you also making money now. Are you? Treat me coffee at Starbucks if you really earn money from this counter!

Michelle said my hubby can create a blog and blog on his share market tips, I relied this message to him couple days ago; but he refused. Reason: he doesn't want anyone of you come back to him if you making loss from his tips given. He doesn't want to be bad guy then.

It's really up to individual liking, some people prefer tips from others but some not. Hubby is the type that NOT listen to any tips, he'll do his own study and analysis before he really go and buy any counter. Of course not all counter that he bought will increase price lar. Good luck to those who gamble in share market ya! Including my hubby too!


michelle said...

Can write a disclaimer mah, like invest on your own risk. ;P Remember to email me good tips. ;)