Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I need a vacation!

Recently really tied up with work load, sometimes I wish I can resign and be a stay at home mom (SAHM). But I need money, with hubby's income alone, I don't think we can survive! Things nowadays not cheap too, let alone the medical fee! *touch wood*

I told hubby I want to have a trip this year, and bring along the girls too! Last year we no go anywhere, partly due to tight working schedule, plus my bad luck having the ectopic incident! But this year, I promised to Wien and Lyon, that mummy going to bring them somewhere for a break! :P

Well, when planning for a trip, definitely we need to book hotel as our accommodations. The best and fastest way to check out best deal is via surfing internet. I found hotel reservations have some great prices on hotels nationwide. They also include airline tickets booking. I love this way as I can make booking for hotel as well as air ticket with just one click in one site. Hotel Reservations currently having a rebate program too; they offer up to $100 depending on how many nights of our stays. Great deal isn't it?

Hi Dear, I need a vacation this year! Did you hear that? *wink**wink*