Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eggplant + Local Basil

Did you know that eggplant fried with local basil also a tasty dish? During the time I stayed with my mom, she used to cook this dish for the family. At that time I still not very like it, dunno why. But after some time, I feel this dish not bad. Oh ya, this is hakka dish. Dunno other dialect cook this dish or not? Anyone?

The cooking very simple too, after fragant the onion and garlic, just pour eggplant and local basic into the wok. Nearly ready then add some salt for seasoing.

Hey, I noticed this dish also serve in some restaurant too!


snoopy said...

Hokkian family dont cook this dish. So i never try this one. If you happen to cook, remember to bring some I want to try this one.