Thursday, February 01, 2007


Appeton sales team went to Wien's kindy to promote their Vit C. Also there is Vitagen promo going on in the school too! Wien keep begging me to buy her the Vit C, but I only order 10 bottles of Vitagen. Not that I don't want them to take Vit C but if I buy from them, I got no receipt that I can claim back from hubby's company.

Hubby's company is good, I mean good benefit and welfare given to staff. Their staff and immediate family like spouse and kids can claim back their medical fee if any. So usually I'll buy multi-V or calcium from nearby clinic, then I can claim back that amount. Hey, those drugs not cheap though, I wanna save money too!

I think her school will have more and more this kind of sales. I am sure Wien will beg for another thing soon. *sigh* These people really know where to promot their thing ya!