Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Market Up Up Up.....Yeah!

CNY around the corner, many people start spending now. While I shop in Giant last weekend I really can saw those crazy people buying things like nobody care. Their trolly full of things, be it drinks (more than 2 crates), clothing, food stuff, decoration thingy etc etc....some even used 2 trolly to stuff in all these! Hey, they really treat this CNY as big festive lar.

Frankly hubby and myself just treat this festive as a day to rest at home, or even to catch up some sleep! company bonus not out yet ler..sob sob....

One good news: share market up up up these few days, good sign for all share market gambler. Just wish it'll continue to boost up and break 1000 point CI, then hubby can grab more money back from it! Then I no need to wait for company bonus, also got money to pay for ang pow lor! :P


Egghead said...

it broke 1000 points long ago lah... now is more than 1200+ liao :P

Jesslyn said...

yaya....see wrongly tim! so did u manage to grab from mkt? :P