Friday, February 02, 2007

Hayfield Dental Care

I believe most parents are concern about their kids dental problem, this including me. I'll make sure my girls brush their teeth before bed; just to protect their milk teeth not so soon change to primary teeth. They starting brushing teeth at age 1. Wien is 5 and Lyon is 2 now, but I yet to bring them to visit dentist yet. I should bring them for checking by now.

Staying in US is good, as we can search their dental clinic online. Very simple with just one click at our mouse. Hayfield Dental Care is one of the dental clinic. It has been serving the residents of Alexandria and the surrounding areas since 1987.

They had provided treatment to over 23,000 different patients. All of the dentists at Hayfield Dental Care have received advanced or specialty training and they use latest and most advanced materials and equipment to provide patients with outstanding care. The services also include general, family and cosmetic dentistry. Further, Hayfield Dental Care employs a full time specialist in orthodontics. The best part is their orthodontic consultations are provided at no charge for both children and adults. This is the first time I heard free of charge of dentist service! Sound great, right?

What attract me is all of the dentists here have perfect records with the Virginia Board of Dentistry with a history of zero complaints. Their doors also always open for new patients and emergencies. I shall give them a call now at 703-971-2220, to make appointment and bring my girls for a visit soon.