Friday, February 23, 2007

My Ebay

It's time to relist all my items in My Ebay now. Before CNY break, I no time to do all these, due to hectic work load.

20 over items in my ebay now, really need lot of time to relist them. Usually I do in one go, either lunch break or nearly knock off time. This year, I got to do more promo for my DIY dresses, since the sales for CNY not bad..hahaha....

After all these settle down, I have to write an email to MamaBok and others mummies, to ask for their girls' measurement. Hopefully I can get more sale this year! Yipeeeee!


Vien said...

Eh, cannot view your ebay link.

Jesslyn said...

Opps....i just corrected it! Tks!