Monday, February 05, 2007

Let's Heinekan

Chinese New Year is approaching, soft drinks is a must items in my shopping list.

Last weekend hubby and I already went out to shop for soft drinks, sales is everywhere, now is the best time to shop for cheap stuff too! Same as previous year Heineken is one of our choice for adult drinks. For kids we'll let them have 100Plus or POP drink, but have to restrict them too as drink too much gassy drinks also not good for health.

When we put one crates of Heineken in the trolley, Wien was very excited because she thought it was another soft drinks like Coca Cola. She keep giggling in the trolley and whispered to me that she want a can when reach home! LOL

Well, hubby and I still prefer Heineken from Europe, Germany especially! During our trip to Europe in year 2003, we drank lot of Heineken there. Heineken there was in big can too (750ml if not mistaken) as compare to Heineken that sell in Malaysia. I have to share with hubby only can finish one can. Further I noticed the taste was so much nicer, not so bitter as compare to Heineken Malaysia too! Wonder why like that? *Scratch head*

See, how excited Wien is while in the trolley? :P


Kate said...

Chinese New Year celebration is coming up real soon and it's the time for all the festivities and's the time to get together with family and close friends and celebrate this joyous event...well on this note i'd also like you to visit my blog sometime and share some of the spirit and fun of the gracious event!!!

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