Thursday, February 15, 2007

Market up further! Yeah!

HE know chinese need cash to spend during CNY, and HE granted their wish in another way now! Hahaha.....of course money not fall from sky lar!

If you gamble in stock market, I am sure now you laugh till cannot see your eyes already! Just like Wien laugh this way.

Ya, share market up up up recently, grab as much as you can now. One advise from my dear hubby, be sure to cabut before CNY ya. You have to sell off your counter before CNY, else you will make a lost(depend which counter you purchase), dont say I no tell early ya!

People hoping to grab money from market now, hoping can spend happily during this festive; in fact they are the one who make the market up now! FIL also one of the gambler in share market, that's how my hubby follow his steps. But counter they buy is totally different, different people different view mah! But both 笑哈哈 now! You know what I mean? :P

Last night FIL told us he gain wonder these few days he bought lot of stuff la, including 1 crates of Calberg! We hardly buy liquor actually. He added this year, all money spent was his grabbing from market! Wow, I can imagine how much he gain ler! I guess my MIL also laugh till cannot see eyes already, cos as I know, whenever FIL making money from market, he will give some to her as token!

Let's hope my girls can get big ang pow from him this year! turn 笑哈哈! LOL