Friday, February 02, 2007

Bonus? Increment?

I work in china man company, so usually our bonus is out around this period. But our boss already put his word in advance that this year bonus may not higher than last year, even the increment also very little. *sigh* Every bosses will say the same lar, business slow, no profit, no margin bla bla bla....

Boss feel guity , so he suggest all staff and worker go for vacation in Genting, under company sponsership. If our spouse or kids wanna join also can but need to dig our own pocket money lar! Another *sigh*....go Genting where got excited ler...local trip only, still cannot compare with the bonus or increment we get getting mah!

Hey boss, we working people only wait for this once a year ler, how can u say not enough money to pay out the bonus wor!


mIcHe said...

got company trip also wanna complain. I have work my company for 7 years. not a single trip. go shopping pun takdak. company dinner, first 3 years only after not good all the way until now. the only thing that we have is bonus and increment, every year the same amount one. no more, no less. oh ya, we got no medical benifit too. sick? go gov clinic. company profit all go into their own pocket, every year their family go holiday oversea and locally a few times.