Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blog for Smorty

Do you aware that now you can get paid to blog? Yes, you hear me right! Some of you maybe blog for fun and may not know that actually can earn money via blogging. Let me share with you my experience here. I had joined some networks in internet that allow me to make money via blogging. You can write about your experience or product reviews about the advertisers for your assignments within 3 days after you took the offer. Once your post is approved, then you can get paid in a week time. As simple as it is!

Frankly I did not blog seriously for money now, partly due to I still have a permanent employment with me now. However I may consider to become a full time blogger who blog for money once I resign from work and become a stay at home mom. Do you want to join me? Let me know, I will guide you how to start it!