Monday, November 12, 2007

Good business opportunity!

Eric resigned from his job few weeks ago. He claimed that he cannot stand the long working hour from 9am to 10pm. He is working in a supermarket environment and he needs to be at workplace from morning till the shop close. In fact he is one of the small shareholders for the supermarket too. Due to long working hour, he has to sacrifice lot of his beloved activities like online surfing, play online games, and play basketball with his buddy and others. I told him if want to build your own career, then he should sacrifice all these now, later when the business on track and run smooth, he can have more free and personal time. However this young fella refused to listen to me and already tender his resignation letter. Now he is jobless at home.

Last week, he has a nice chat with me via msn chat. He told me that he starts another small business that sell stylish and replica Sunglasses at shopping mall. The return not bad as he get stock via Wholesale Sunglasses and he able to enjoy bulk discount from the wholesaler. He even wants to send me 2 pairs feminine sunglasses as my coming Christmas gifts. Let’s hope he able to build up his career by selling sunglasses.