Friday, November 02, 2007

Expired Domain can use again

Before I decided my domain name, I had draft some and then try to check availability online. To my surprise, the domain name I want were not available anymore, mostly are taken up by others. I thought my name chosen is not common, yet I still cannot register them with my hosting company.

Later someone asked me to check from for those expired domain name lists, perhaps my desired domain name will be there. If yes, then I can buy from them. This is good for those who wish to start online business where they can find higher page rank expired domains and enjoy the high traffic, so that they can generate more page views for their business products and services.

After browse through the site, then only I realized the importance of keywords in a domain. If you have a very unique keyword in your domain, chances for other to access your website is very high, thus can generate more traffic to your site too!

Do read more about this at!