Thursday, November 01, 2007

Good activities for the kids

As career women that work from 9-5, I always feel guilty for not having more quality time with my kids. Early morning I have to go out to office while the girls still in their slumber land. After back from office, I already feel very tired and quickly chase them to bed instead of playing with them. Sometimes I even lazy to read story books for them though they keep begging me. It is not easy to balance my role as career women as well as a mother.

My girls are 5 and 3 years old respectively. Now is the best time to let them play puzzle and handcrafting in order to train them sit quietly and to be more patient. Many of my close friends suggest me to try out Ceramic Clays as it able to stimulate kids creativity as well as imagination. This activity can improve their art skill too. I think my girls would love to play with Modeling clays or ceramic clays since they like to play dough very much lately. I shall buy one and start playing with them. I think through playing together with them will improve our relationship too.

The great place to look for arts and crafts materials will be at Amaco since most of the materials here are safety proof for kids and 100% talc free too!