Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Teak Furniture for my garden

My kids love to play at our big garden at evening time. Our garden has longan trees, mango tree, some beautiful plantation and a hammock under the longan trees. It is very nice to sit under the tree coz it is quite windy during evening time too. No wonder my girls like to play outdoor at this hour instead of watching their favorite cartoon series.

Too bad, my garden don’t have beautiful teak garden furniture, else I can bring out my laptop and sit on the teak benches to do my online surfing while monitoring my girls movement.

By the way, if I have those beautiful teak benches at my garden, I can have BBQ gathering during Chinese New Year festive too. So that I no need to take out my heavy wooden chairs and those plastic chairs for my guests. I am sure they will impress with my teak garden furniture. Hehe…