Monday, November 05, 2007

Condor Options - iron condor

My hubby will use his extra money to do investment, especially invest in local share market. He loves to study the statistical movement for his favorite counters, that why he has confident to do investment for those counter and try his luck. However he dare not try in US stock market now as he still lack of knowledge about how US stock market movement.

Lately he came across about iron condor from Condor Options, an options trading newsletter service designed to help us generate consistent 10% monthly returns with just 10 minutes a week. Condor Options will help you to generate a stable income via their iron condors without having to perform any complicated research or make wild guesses about individual stocks. They will trade the iron condor each month and do the market watching for you in order to generate profits.

If you are the member for the iron condor, they will send you an email notification for every of your trade alert plus any new trade is any. By the way every alert is also posted at your subscribers-only weblog, together with the market commentary and strategic analysis.