Monday, November 05, 2007

Unique Google Homepage

I am very bored now; perhaps it is due to beginning of the month. Don’t ask me why as I always feel bored and lazy early of the month. By the way, it is November month now, very soon year 2007 will waive goodbye to us. I am looking forward my Genting holiday trip actually, hopefully hubby able to apply 2 days leave next month. While I browse through Genting website, I stumbled upon a cool website where I can create a very personal yet unique Google homepage using my kids photos.

Now with 'Groovle'’s help, I can customize and design my own Google homepage within a second! Yes, you hear me right. We can have our very personalize Google homepage that use our own photo or image file. Alternatively you can choose from the home pages given, including animals, athletes, celebrities, nature, space, sports and other images. That’s why I love to use Google search engine as they will always surprise me with their special features. I am sure in future they will add in more useful features for us to play around. I just uploaded my kids photo to Groovle and the homepage look lovely. After uploading, I can choose the photo image placement, either stretch to full size, tile it or framed it to have a nicer image.

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This post brought to you by Groovle