Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Isuzu for him

My hubby always dreams to have a pick up car like Isuzu, however he yet to decide whether to choose crew cab or extended cab. He ever asked my opinion, too bad, I am not a car person and I really no idea how to compare the difference between these 2 types of cars. To me, as long as the car can move, then it is alright.

I read from Isuzu website mentioned that i-370 Crew Cab is more spacious than extended cab with the five adult passengers. This model available in both 2WD and 4WD too. Well, if you prefer a more workmanlike ration of cargo bed, perhaps you can consider to get a 2WD extended cab which can delivers the goods. Any way, both models from Isuzu are capable performer in automotive market regardless of which configuration that you choose.

My hubby’s intention to own a pick up vehicle is to go for hunting during weekend. with high performance car, then only he can drive smoothly at the jungle!