Friday, November 16, 2007

Where is our company trip?

Since I joined existing company, I never ever join their company trip. The reason given by top management is they do not earn profit for the year, therefore not afford to arrange any company outing for us, not even local trip. I was told before I join this company, every year the management will arrange at least one company trip for all staff and worker. All of them looking forward year end as this is the time they able to enjoy the trip with other colleagues.

Most of them feel de-motivate when they know their yearly trip being cut off from company event. Some of them even did not put 100% effort in doing their job just because the management do this to them. To them, all these small benefit is very important, it is like motivate them to work harder and increase efficiency. I was thinking should I tell my boss personally about the workers’ real feeling.

I think perhaps I should introduced htoa website to my boss since I can find lot of affordable travel package in the site. Some even offer as low as $100 per staff which I think my company affords to pay for it. As I know some company will use this kind of corporate incentive to motivate their worker and staff to work hard and contribute more effort in their daily operation.

My company should try to practice this way too instead of totally cut the travel incentive which had been practice for years! Let me slowly ask my boss visit htoa website, hopefully he will spot the corporate incentive package! LOL

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Anonymous said...

I believe this is the same company we work with. They are called Holiday Travel of America (HTOA) and they are out of Carlsbad, CA. They rock.