Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Think for your future

Asian country’s old folks have more conservative mind as compare to oversea countries like US and Europe. They will keep certain amount of saving at their bank account and untouched. This is because they worry their kids would not take care of them when they are older one day. Therefore with that amount of money, they can look for comfortable care home and someone will take care their daily activities then.

See, my mom has this kind of thinking too. She afraid after we all getting married and having own family and career, then we might abandoned her and leave her alone. I have hard time to convince her that we will not do so but she still keeping some money for her own use. Hehe….no worry, she already assigned one nomination name into the account together with her name. So that the nominee only can touch her money when she is not in this world. *touch wood*

I think as a parent, we should keep certain amount for personal usage, as we really cannot 100% rely on our kids. Who know, one day when they betray us, then at least we still have money to survive!