Friday, November 23, 2007

The Vine Store

During last year Christmas festive, my boss held a medium size Christmas party for office staff. All of us been invited to go over to his house. My boss owns a big bungalow and has lots of stylish and elegant design of furniture in his house. We are impressing with the design as well as the unique furniture. Of course my boss affords to spend so much money for luxury furniture since he is from rich family. How nice if I able to own a big house like him.

Well, what caught my attention in his house is, he own a very nice design of mini bar with some elegant Wine Racks that keep all his wine collection that he bought during his business trip. He told us that he even order his wine racks from online store as he found out that wine rack from online store even cheaper than he bought from retail shop.

One of the online websites that he used to visit is The Vine Store where it offers the finest rack styles including: Wood Wine Racks, Metal Wine Racks, Hanging Wine Racks, Wall Mounted Wine Racks, Wine Rack Furniture, Specialty Wine Racks and Wine Glasses. The best part is the store able to ship their wine racks worldwide!