Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Challenging Career for him

One of my blogger friends study in local university now. This is his second year in the university but lately he told me that he is not interested at all with his subject chosen. I am surprise to hear that coz if no interest in his subject, then why he select it and study it for the past 2 years? His replies more shock me, as he said the subject was chosen by his mum instead of himself. My goodness, why he listened to his mom but not to think of himself at the first place? If no interest for the study, it is for sure he will not happy attending his classes.

I advice him to change the subject now while it is still not too late, else he might regret whole life in future too. He was telling me that he is looking for flight attendant school as he wish to become flight attendant one day. He loves freedom actually as he likes to go for back pack travel all by himself when he got extra money. He wishes to start his flight attendant career as his found this job will give him more job satisfaction. Anyway, I wish him good luck and all the best to his future career.