Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Bother Going Through Apple?

Sure you love your iPod, but after a while the earbuds that came with it just aren't enough. When you're ready for something new, instead of going to Apple for some replacements check out Quiet Headphones for a great selection of iPod headphones that are sure to have you bobbing your head to the music in not time. Not only are the iPod earphones from Quiet Headphones designed with the iPod in mind, but these noise isolating Etymotic ER6 headphones will ensure that you hear only what's coming through your iPod, not what's going on around you. Check out Quiet Headphones and their great selection of iPod earphones and I'm sure you'll be happy that you went with them instead of going through Apple.And if you are thinking about traveling, then the travel headphones will be perfect for keeping out the noise, letting you enjoy the trip.