Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Online trivia

My sister complaint to me that her son addicted to online games lately. He even plays online games till midnight and cause him lack of sleep, and cannot wake up the next morning for his school. I told my sister to restrict his online hour or totally ban him from online games. But she told me that her son will make noise and show his black face if she do so. Seem like my sister did not show her real power to her son, that’s he is not scare of his mom at all.

Yeah, with the advancement of internet, you can find lots of online games or entertainments websites from internet. Some even provide you with free service, no credit card credit require too! No wonder teenagers nowadays afford to spend their time in front of their pc most of the time. Lately I came across online trivia from TriviaOnNet.com, the world’s leader in online, multiplayer trivia tournaments. It offers a 24/7, non-stop games experience where you can play for fun, earn money for your knowledge and become an active part of an exciting online community. I think if my sister’s son knows about this website, I am sure he will get addicted to their programs too!

This post brought to you by TriviaOnNet.com