Monday, November 05, 2007

Cheap & lovely wedding favors

One of my colleagues going to marry end of this year. Now she is busy preparing for her wedding reception as well as her wedding favors for her bridesmaid and guest. She doesn’t want a grand wedding reception due to budget constraint; she wants simple wedding reception too. however at the same time she worry her guests will say something bad about her if she did not give presentable wedding favors. I told her why not look for presentable yet cheap wedding favors from since the site has wide selection of gift ideas for us to choose from.

She was so happy to know about such websites, immediately she start browsing through the web and order some cheap and lovely wedding favors for her guests.


Anonymous said...

My cousin just got married a month ago and she found this cool site that sells chic and unique bridesmaid gifts. It can be personalized for free, too.