Friday, April 13, 2007

No compromise

No compromise

MIL wants to follow us to Kuala Lumpur but she opted to stay at SIL#2 ‘s house. Fine for us but the problem is SIL#2 wants us to send her straight to her shop or house, and pick her up from her place too when we on the way back. Not that hubby refuse to do so but his reason is he is not familiar with USJ route, he prefer her to send MIL to our hotel or any nearest LRT station, but she just say cannot.

Saturday, SIL#2’s hubby can come and fetch MIL to their house, now the problem is going back no one send her to us. Hubby try to locate and think how to locate her place but he just worry will get lost. You know la, we are not KL lang, for sure will get lost if turn in wrong highway. They have been KL so long already, yet refuse to do so. Her reason very simple, she needs to work on Monday. But she is operating a saloon mah, flexi hour too. I cannot find any reason why she cannot take 10-15 min to send MIL to us. She said her place very near to MV or Subang Parade, why not she takes the first move to assist us, rather than we trying to find way to locate her place??

Yes, her 2 girls need to go kindy, I was suggesting to her after drop them to kindy, she can come over to meet us what. But she still say cannot la. You all come la. Kanasai, no compromise at all.

Last conversation slightly turns into quarrel I tell you. My holiday moods a bit spoil liao. Today hubby even suggested to book extra room on Sunday night provided SIL#2 can send MIL to us on Sunday night. *double sigh**sianz*

Frankly, I dislike SIL#2 attitude, too materialistic and self center type. We have problem talk to her sometimes. Perhaps she stay too long in Kuala Lumpur already, so calculative.


Egghead said...

typical KL lang attitude... selfish I guess :s
sorry on behalf of that :P

Vien said...

er, kl ppl that bad meh? i'm from kl too wor. :P

Annie Q said... also stay in KL not that bad kua..
Dont worry la..njoy urself to the max for the three days trip!!!

michelle said...

Aiks, me also KL lang, kena also ah? I think yr SIL just making life difficult for you.

snoopy said...

Use a taxi to fetch her from SIL house to hotel...spend some money and yr MIL will appreciate me!

Jesslyn said...

Opps, sorry sorry, I forget most of you from KL tim. Yeah, not all like her too!

I think if you ever talk to her, u will vomit blood too!

Great idea. but will they think i am so cruel let her take cab alone? anyway i will try.

Jolenesiah said...

wah v selfish punya org...