Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Health insurance shopping

I am very concern about my insurance plans. I bought my first health insurance plan when I got my first job in year 1997. To me, owning at least one insurance plan in hand like owning a security. We do not know what will happen next, if we really diagnosed with some sickness, at least we know we have insurance to cover our medical fee. Hey, medical fee is not cheap nowadays, if no any health insurance coverage, I don’t think I’ll able to settle my bill one day!

There are many insurance companies in market now, sometimes it’s quite hard for us to choose whom to use. My suggestion is before you picking up any health insurance, you have to do some investigation or study towards those insurance companies.

Few tips you might have to consider before picking up one:

Company history – check their reputation and financial statement in the web. Usually they will list clearly their financial statement and accounting reports. You have to compare the money to the amount of customer they have.

Monthly premium – monthly premium is varying from company to company. Find one affordable health insurance according to your budget.

Insurance coverage – you have to ensure exclusions of the plan that you bought. This is to avoid your insurance company deny your claim in future.

Deductibles – find a plan that has low deductions. Deductibles are limits that you must reach before your health insurance coverage kicks in. some health insurance’s high deduction are not worth to buy.

Take some time to do study and research for your health insurance plan, you might find a plan that fits!


Daria said...

Great work.