Saturday, April 21, 2007

Choice Baby Enterprise

Hubby spotted this shop during his lunch break. Sometimes I wonder whether this kind of service workable or not? How accurate it is? Hey the cost for the service is sky high you know. Not a medium family afford to pay too. I dont think I'll engage their service even though I know I need a boy now.

RM25k and above is not a small amount to me, I rather use this money to invest in property or buy insurance for the girls, or do for other useful thing. Boy or girl doesn't matter, as long as they are healty.


msaufong said...

are you kidding? RM25K wor? I read from newspaper should be below RM2,500 ler..RM25K is enough for someone who can't have many get one ler.

snoopy said...

25K? no joke? If don't even one baby, I will try...But there are other ways to do it not the 25K..lor.

Jesslyn said...

2.5K? so cheap meh? if really 2.5k, i already try lor!

snoopy, the other way is not legal mah.