Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mac Poker

Macs PC owner listen up, now you can play online poker like others too! Mac Poker Online has offers the best online poker sites to play poker for Mac. The site also offer exclusive information regarding online poker and casino games for Macintosh, thus saving Mac users hours of precious time.

PacificPoker.com is one the recommendation from Mac Poker Online. They are owned and operated by the largest online gambling networks in the world, 888.com. it is one of the first online poker rooms too! They have daily online freerolls and have micro limit games such as $0.01/$0.02 no-limit and $0.05/$0.10 fixed limit Texas Holdem. Read the review of Pacific Poker for Mac before you buy the software.

FullTilt Poker is one of the most unique online poker rooms today. The site is rated well because it is so different. It features a round cartoonist poker table with cartoon avatars. I bet most online game buddy would love to see their avatar happy, angry, or confused with the click of a button. I ever saw my niece play with online poker; I guess they’ll love this site too. Must introduce to them one day but I hope their parent will not chase after me! LOL

There are many other good recommendations in Mac Poker Online. I am sure you’ll find out that suit you! If you are new to poker doesn’t matter, the site have few articles that allow you to learn how to play poker or how to play blackjack. Check out Mac Poker for more information.