Friday, April 27, 2007

Give me free sub-domain?

Yeah, someone want to offer me FREE sub-domain. She said I am very good to her. I am surprise why she said so? Later I found out she appreciate me tell her whenever there is any offers or opportunity is on, ask her to grab as soon as possible ( for paid post of course!). Like that she also say me good. What if I treat her nicer and good, then perhaps she’ll give me her SQ & Kiki for free ler…LOL

Hey, I treat all my friends like that, good thing must share. Enjoy alone is no fun at all. After all, you will only be paid if your post is good.

Ok, want to know who she is? Teng…teng…teng….she is Michelle Fong from ….from…arr..which blog should I mention here? Frankly I had lost count how many blogs she own now….here are her blogs:

1. SQ & Kiki's playground

2. SQKiki Simple Tech

3. My Homerecipe

4. SQKiki's Island

Next time I must treat her more nicer, so that can coax her to give me excellant rate if I want to exchange my paypal money. LOL