Thursday, April 12, 2007

Grow your business with AIMpromote

In order to compete in this competitive market, other than having strong marketing teams to look for sales, we also need to have helpful technical support to manage our sales leads.

AIMpromote’s lead management system able to assist us to achieve our target. AIMpromote can provide us real time reports on how well our advertising campaign is working and also how’s the performance of the sales representatives. The best of all, after we sign up with them, they will do all the setup and configuration for us at no charge. That’s mean we no need to worry about managing of the technology, and we can solely concentrate on making our sales effectively.

Another good part of AIMpromote is, it has a significantly lower cost of implementation and total cost of ownership than other competitors. The system is easy to use and to learn too, this allows our sales representatives to work efficiently. There is no hidden cost and unexpected expenses arise after sign up too!

If you wish to grow your business and earn more revenue, do consider sign up with AIMpromote. Currently they are having 14 days FREE trial promotion, or you can call their support representative at 1-888-251-4635 to find out more information. Alternatively you can view their online demonstration which briefly demonstrates the AIMpro