Monday, April 30, 2007


He is missing again. Whenever he is in trouble, he will go missing. It is not a surprise to us anymore. In fact, he had been giving us so much headache and trouble too. If not becos of mom, I don’t think we’ll lend a hand to him. But he never learn from experience, he repeat and repeat again his stubborn and stupid act.

So many talks, suggestion and advice being given to him, but he never change his attitude. I can say he never put the words into his mind ever. We really feel heart pain why our family member will have such attitude. Hey, all hard earn money there, lost count how much we had spent on him. We are from medium family, even if we are from rich family also not worth to let him spend like that. All due to mom lar, keep hoping he’ll change and keep giving him chance and keep begging us to lend a hand. Sometimes I wish he will forever run away from us, and then at least mom will not feel so helpless to him. But she still will miss him when he went missing for few days.*sigh*

I know a mother’s love to their children is endless no matter how bad they are. I am a mother too!

We had gave up him but not my mom.