Saturday, April 21, 2007

My impression towards KLCC park

KLCC Park very dirty. I don’t like this place anymore, unless the authority really clean and clear the place.

Why I said so? Let me tell you here.

After the KLCC Petrosains, we brought the girls to the park, hoping to let them see the fountains. Unfortunately none of the fountains are functional, so we try to find a place to sit and rest a while. Once we enter the area, all we can smell is the smoking smell, I feel so uncomfortable, so did the girls. They keep telling me why the smoke smells so strong. We also can see cigarettes every where on the floor. The place not attractive to me anymore. Feel sad when I see the condition there. It used to be a nice park few years back but now…..*sigh* really no eye to see!


mommy of two angels said...

staying in PJ and working in KL...but i have never step on the park before...even when i had to work in MO Hotel for an event...didn't even go walk walk in the park...sort of guess it will come to that state...what a to change the malaysian mentality leh??

snoopy said...

I just drove passed by during my last course near KLCC. It looks magnificient to me that I think no need for me to regret not able to stop by!

Jesslyn said...

Mommy of 2 angels,
i dont think our Msia ppl will change their attitute, forever..sad hor!

you should go one day, to see with your own eyes.