Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Insurance Due

This month I am goint o settle 2 big premium for my insurance plans. One for myself, one for Lyon. I have a deal with hubby, each of us take care one kid's insurance, so hubby paid for Wien's. Fair enough!

I choose yearly payment for all my insurance plan via credit card, easier for me. Before that I tend to pay quarterly, later I found out there is some rebate given to us if we selected yearly installment. Sometimes I will regret too coz suddenly need to take out so much cash. What I did is cash out my FD whenever I need more cash. I will arrange some FD amount that due close to my insurance due date. If I need then I cash it out. If no, then just leave it in bank. Not all our money in FD ya, there is some cash flow for us too!

This year I am happy coz I have extra income from TigaP, I just exchange with someone reliable and settle for my insurance. Yeah, fun from blogging!

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bryan said...

i came across your blog from debtcc blog hunt.I like the post on insurance as I am not a very good with repaying premiums but i like your view on premium.

michelle said...

I wonder who is the reliable person u mention...hehehe