Friday, April 27, 2007

Auditor is here!

This week is the financial audit week for my company. 3 auditor been assigned to came to our office to do the auditing. When they are here, we among colleaguea cannot talk non-sense...hehe...hard for us coz we use to talk gossip when we meet each other. We don't know what will they think of us. They might say: hey, these people must be EFNTD, talk non-sense in office! LOL....the reason I said so is, so far most of my friends who work as accountant or financial control, they are very serious type, hardly can hear gossip out of their mouth. Wow, me sure cannot be in this field, I will die of bored more faster! Life with humour only the best mah!

Oh ya, I dislike audit week too, they will come to me and ask me dig out last year documentation for them to review and do checking. This is the most boring task to me. I had stored and kept my file in separate place, which mean I have to take time to search for it. *sigh*