Thursday, April 19, 2007


Sometimes I feel tired and sianz towards one of my boss. He gave me so many papers work lately, if I am not so occupied, and then I will do it willingly. Sometimes I am not. Bear in mind, I have 3 bosses in the office now. 2 is active bosses, the other one not much work actually.

What I don’t like is, he like to draft his email in a letter and then ask me type out and then send the soft copy to him via email. Don’t you think it’s very quite stupid act? I know he is boss but to me he is useless la. I should not blog about work so open here but I just cannot stand the way he do thing lar. Help!


snoopy said...

May be he worry that you are to Sianz doing nothing...LOL.

Next time, act bz when he pass by your table, then he will not ask you to type...Hehehe!