Thursday, April 12, 2007

KL gathering

My trip to KL is confirmed but meeting with bloggers seem not really confirmed. Some of them cannot make it and some of them can. Sigh, difficult to find a date and time that can suit to all of them ler.

Looks like I have to do the final decision, if those can make it, they are welcome, if cannot, then so sorry. But I do hope most of them can come lar, coz I want to meet them too. But also no need worry, I believe now I have more chance to travel to KL since the girls is easy to take care now!

I am hoping to go Penang in this year too, wish to meet someone that I wish to meet! know who you are....


michelle said...

Emily & Timothy lor. :P

Tracy said...

I oso hope to meet her and her kids when I'm in Penang.